Gaining Professional Success (GPS)

About the Program...

The Women’s Health Awareness program was pleased to serve the Big Country for 22 years providing breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services at no charge to tens of thousands of women. The contract with the Texas Department of State Health Services ended with the Alliance on September 30, 2013. The state will contract with Abilene Diagnostic Clinic housed in the Walk-In Clinic on Judge Ely Boulevard and may be contacted at 325-677-4904.

The Alliance was honored to serve the women in our community with life-saving breast and cervical cancer procedures over the past two decades. More than 450 women were diagnosed with a breast or cervical cancer in our program and lives were saved. We are proud of the work we have done for the families of the Big Country.

So, now a new chapter will begin for the Women’s Programs of the Alliance.
The Alliance for Women and Children has organized a Women’s Program Task Force to outline the logistics, outcomes, and objectives of this new program. The committee is hard at work to ensure that the Alliance develops a program designed with the women in the Big Country in mind.

Gaining Professional Success (GPS) is a program designed to help women maintain employment and promote within their careers. While this program is still under development, the Alliance is excited about the opportunity to serve women in our community through mentorship, workshops, a strong curriculum, and training. Keep checking back for updates!